SEO and Website Marketing

No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and Pay only if people click your ads.

Target your ads locally

Set your ads to appear only to people searching in a particular city, region or country. Now it’s easy to target online customers within 20 miles of your front door or across the world.

Show your address with your ads

Help potential customers find you by showing a business address or phone number with your AdWords text ads. You can show your location to people searching for lo
cal information on and on Google Maps.



Set your budget

There’s no minimum spending requirement – the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.

Avoid guesswork

We provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget.

Pay only for results

You’re charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.





We approach our service from the client’s ROI perspective so we charge a simple flat fee with no contracts and include all of these services as part of our ongoing Ad services

Competitor Research

We research your keywords to get comprehensive data on how your competitors use online marketing.

Performance Analysis

Once per month we will analyze and determine what we should keep, improve and exclude from your campaigns.

New Campaign Development

When necessary, we develop a completely new campaign based on your performance history, business objectives, and our experience.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of any search campaign, and we ensure that we are using the best and most relevant ones.

Strategic Match Type

Match types can either laser-target your exposure or be a limitation. Based on our research, we implement the match types that best fit your business needs.

Negative Keyword Implementation

We add negative keywords to ensure you don’t appear for irrelevant searches on Google.

Tailored Ad Copy

We tailor each ad for the individual ad group and keyword for high performance.

Ad Extension Setup

Location Extension, Call Extension, Site links and Callouts are the most important and powerful ad extensions.

Ad Testing

We will test different ads in your most important ad groups at all times to help combat ad fatigue and improve conversions.

Bid & Budget Management

Ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of your allotted budget, bidding for the most profitable keywords and a high ROI.

Keyword Expansion

A keyword list is never complete. We continuously expand your existing keyword list as we acquire new data.

Search Term Analysis

We analyze the search terms your ads appear for and optimize them for higher conversions.

Negative Keyword Researc

We continuously add negative keywords to keep your ads from appearing on irrelevant searches.

Ad Copy for Mobile

We tailor mobile ads using subtle cues to create a higher relevance for the searcher.

Analytics Tracking

Tracking of website health and other important metrics.

Conversion Tracking

We track contact form submissions on your website.

Landing Pages

We generate unique landing pages for each campaign to help achieve conversion goals.

Monthly Reports & Conference Calls

Search engine Marketing reports are generated monthly and we urge our clients to schedule a monthly conference call to discuss this report and plan moving forward.